What Is the best time for travel to India

best time travel-India

If you are going to program your travel to India and want to know what is the best time, then in this entry we will tell you: What’s the best time to organize a travel to IndiaWhat are the seasons in IndiaWhat are the climates of IndiaHow is the climate in the main cities of IndiaSome advice for your trip to India It is recommended that you visit India in the winter, but if you travel to...

¿How is security in India?


If you are organizing your trip to India and know someone who has done so before, they may be able to tell you about some bad experiences with security in India they had due to the monsoons (flooding from the high rainy season; health problems (poisoning) and even that they have been victims of fraud or theft. Don’t worry, keep your enthusiasm for knowing India, they may have exaggerated a...

Which data sim card to buy for travel to India

sim card-india-tourist

If you travel to India and don’t want to run out of internet or pay a crazy roaming bill, the smartest thing to do is to buy a local SIM card for India, either from your country (recommended option) or when you get there. In this article we tell you which SIM cards for India exist, where you can buy them and what advantages and disadvantages each one has. We already told you that the...

How to have Internet in India: the best option


If you’re traveling to India and want to stay connected to the Internet to share your journey on Instagram, keep in touch with your loved ones on WhatsApp or use Google Maps to get to that landmark they recommended, here are your options for Internet in India. The best alternative to have internet in India is to buy a SIM card for India, both because it is much cheaper than paying roaming...

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