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Soy diseñador, me gusta la empatía y entender las necesidades de los demás. En Travelistos te ayudaré a (diseñar) organizar tu viaje, dándote a conocer lugares, actividades, opiniones; que te pueden ser útiles antes, durante y después del viaje.

What Is the best time for travel to India

best time travel-India

If you are going to program your travel to India and want to know what is the best time, then in this entry we will tell you: What’s the best time to organize a travel to IndiaWhat are the seasons in IndiaWhat are the climates of IndiaHow is the climate in the main cities of IndiaSome advice for your trip to India It is recommended that you visit India in the winter, but if you travel to...

¿How is security in India?


If you are organizing your trip to India and know someone who has done so before, they may be able to tell you about some bad experiences with security in India they had due to the monsoons (flooding from the high rainy season; health problems (poisoning) and even that they have been victims of fraud or theft. Don’t worry, keep your enthusiasm for knowing India, they may have exaggerated a...

Where and what to eat in China: typical dishes

where-what-to eat-china-restaurant

One of the great legacies to the world in culture from China is its food, the ancient gastronomy of China is so varied, so rich and so marketed that surely in this entry you will recognize several dishes, here we mention some options of what to eat in China, as well as some tips. Let’s get started! 1. WHAT TRADITIONAL FOODS TO EAT IN CHINA? Chow Mein It is a Chinese meal consisting of fried...

Currency for China ¿Where to exchange euros to yuans?

china-yuan currency exchange

When organizing the trip to China it is important to leave the issue of change well resolved in order to save a few euros and not have any surprises on the trip. In this post we explain you what is the official currency in China (yuan), where to change your euros for yuans at the best price and some tips. Let’s get started! THE CHINESE CURRENCY: THE YUAN The Yuan – Chinese Currency...

What Is the best time to travel to China?

best- time travel-china-tourist

If you are going to travel to China you are probably wondering what is the best time of year to organize your trip to China. It is best to choose the season of the year to organize your trip depending on the activities you want to do, such as hiking in the snow at the foot of the mountains, summering on paradisiacal beaches in Hainan, taking pictures of the beautiful mist at sunset in Hong Kong...

Where to stay in China: All the options


If you are planning your trip to China and want to choose well where to stay to enjoy the Asian country as a traveler, do not worry: in this article we tell you the best options and places for accommodation in China and some tips and answers to frequently asked questions that travelers often make to enjoy your trip. You have 4 to 5 options (Hotels, Hostels, rooms, houses and cubicles at the...

Censorship in China: what you should know


There are some censorship in China that you should take into account when traveling. China is a country with many tourist attractions, an ancient culture and with friendly people who will not refuse to help you when you arrive. Despite that, there are some things you should not do on your trip to China to avoid having a bad time. From things you shouldn’t carry in your suitcase to strange...

Is China a safe place to visit?


If you travel to China and meet someone who has done so before, you may be told about a bad experience in terms of security in China: that “it is dangerous” or that “there are many pickpockets and swindlers”, as this is not entirely true. There are very safe cities and in this entry we comment on how safe it is to travel to China, what measures you can take against its...

What to do in China: activities for your trip


If you travel to China you may already be projecting yourself from all the places you’ll meet like the Great Wall, Hong Kong, Shanghai, the Forbidden City, but did you know that China is more than that? You can do activities on your trip to China such as discovering the park that inspired the world of Avatar to the “Venice of the East”. In this article we tell you everything you...

How to rent and drive a car in China

car rental-china-driver

If you are going on a trip to China and want to rent and drive a car, maybe you have been told about its chaotic traffic, but you want to give it a chance and get to know some of its natural beauty from a car either alone, with your partner, friends or family. In this article we will tell you where to rent your car and everything you need to be able to drive in China: how to apply for a temporary...

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