What Is the best time to travel to China?

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If you are going to travel to China you are probably wondering what is the best time of year to organize your trip to China.

It is best to choose the season of the year to organize your trip depending on the activities you want to do, such as hiking in the snow at the foot of the mountains, summering on paradisiacal beaches in Hainan, taking pictures of the beautiful mist at sunset in Hong Kong or appreciating the beautiful flowering of Chinese flora in Beijing.

In this post we will give you all the details and some tips to choose the right date for your trip.

Let’s get started!


Being such a large country, up to three types of climatic regions can be distinguished:

  • Eastern monsoon zone: This wet and semi-wet climate occupies half of the country, this is where you’ll see more arable land. Summers (July to September) here are hot and humid, while winters are cool.
  • Dry zone in the northwest: It’s a climate that covers 30% of China’s territory and is associated with a dry landscape.
  • Cold Zone: Located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, this zone combines cold climates and mountainous areas; the other 20% of the national territory is made up of such climate.


The best time for your travel to China is in autumn (October to December) or spring (April and June), which have pleasant climates between 20ºC and 30ºC. Keep in mind that the cities in the center of the country usually have a very humid climate all year round.

best time travel-china-snow
Chinese winter. Source: Pixabay.com.

We do not suggest that you do this in winter (January to March) if you go to the northern part, cities like Beijing can record temperatures below zero at night. Even in the middle of summer (July to September), the weather can be extreme; reaching 38ºC, and you can find yourself in the rainy season. Avoid going to Beijing and the so-called “three ovens” at this time: Wuhan, Chongging and Nanjuing.

If you go south, be aware of the typhoon season; which occurs between July and September, and try to wear warm clothing. This because the weather is capricious, you may feel hot but you may experience waves of cold aggravated by humidity and rain.


August, the most visited month… and the hottest. You may see many tourists but it is not necessarily the best month to travel since it is the hottest time of the year.


Spring in China (April to June)

This season of the year is the best time for a travel to China. This is the high season, the ideal time to travel because of the pleasant climate; which can range from 10°C to 23°C. The air is fresh, and relatively dry in northern China. Excellent season for you to take pictures of landscapes and flowers. The humid climate and the rain will not prevent you from appreciating the beautiful views. If you don’t like the rain, you can travel to Beijing or Xi’an, where the weather is dry.

Summer in China (July to September)

It is very hot, temperatures range from 25°C to 33°C, here it will be difficult to get rid of the rain, especially in the south and east of China. The positive thing is that in this season you can do many things in this country, both excursions, walks or attend festivals. If you travel to Hong Kong, watch out for typhoons.

Chinese families often travel a lot at this time of year along with their children, so be prepared for the crowds and the heat. If you don’t like this idea, you might as well choose a private tour.

Autumn in China (October to December)

Temperatures average 15°C to 27°C, with less rain and clearer days. It is then a better climate than in spring. If you like outdoor activities, this season is for you. Another season that we can include as the best time for your travel to China.

Winter in China (January to March)

It is considered low season and it could be the best time for your trip to China if you want to travel on a moderate budget and avoid crowds of tourists. You can do any activity with a smaller budget, but you would deprive yourself of many things because of the cold. The climate can oscillate around 8 °C, but in the north of China the temperature is below zero.

A good thing about this resort is that if you are a snow lover, you will be able to see beautiful landscapes in cities like Pingyao and Harbin. If, on the other hand, you want to escape from the snow, consider Macao, Hainan or South Yunnan.


best- time travel-china-rain
Rain in Hong Kong. Source: Unsplash.com.
  • Beijing: It is dry and hot in summer and cold in winter. Here the weather can get very extreme in those seasons.
  • Xi’an: The same thing happens in this city, so consider when to buy your ticket.
  • Shanghai: It is rainy in spring and summer, the latter can be very hot. The good thing is that the winter is mild.
  • Hong Kong: Its climate is similar to that of Shanghai, although you can sometimes notice fog.
  • Tibet: It has clear skies and temperature changes, sometimes extreme, in a single day. It is better to avoid its icy winter.
  • Hainan: With tropical sun all year round, it is an excellent option for a different kind of tourism; which includes sun, beach and sand.
  • Chengdu: It has a cloudy climate, with very hot summers and cold winters.
  • Kunming: It has a spring and mild climate all year round.
  • Luoyang: Rainy and with less snow, dry and hot summers. In spring you can experience dust storms and mist.
  • Xinjiang: Will expose you to severe desert conditions, with drastic weather changes in a single day. In winter you can feel warm during the day, but only at night does the temperature drop.
  • Lijiang: It is less rainy and the monsoons are less strong.


  • Visit Harbin: One of the closest cities to Russia – in winter, you can enjoy its ice festival and ski slopes.
  • If your trip is not only tourist, but also cultural, take into account these important dates of the Chinese calendar; where traditional festivities take place:
    • Chinese New Year: at the end of January or February.
    • Mid-Autumn Festival: in September or early October
    • National Day: Early October.
  • Destinations like Beijing, Shanghai or Xi’an: These are destinations you can visit at any time of the year, they are hardly affected by weather conditions.

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