What to do in Russia: The best excursions


If you want to find out what excursions you can and should take on your trip to Russia as tourist attractions, places and cities to visit. In this article we name you the 12 best excursions to Russia, as well as some tips to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Let’s get started! THE 12 BEST TOURS IN RUSSIA 1. KREMLIN It is located in the capital, Moscow, and is like the “Russian...

What is the best time for a travel to Russia

best time- russia - moscow

If you are going to travel and want to know which is the best time to travel to Russia, when it is convenient for you, what you can do in each season of the year or know the particularity of each climate in the main cities, as well as some travel tips, in this post we tell you everything. Let’s get started! THE CLIMATES OF RUSSIA You may think that in Russia it is always cold, you imagine...

How to have Internet in Russia: The best option


If you’re traveling to Russia and want to stay connected to the Internet to share your journey on Instagram, keep in touch with your loved ones on WhatsApp or use Google Maps, here are your options. You have several options to have internet in Russia, but some of them (like roaming) are very expensive while other free ones (like Wifi) can waste your time. I’m telling you, the best...

Which data SIM card to buy for travel to Russia


If you travel to Russia and don’t want to run out of internet, the smartest thing to do is to buy a local SIM card for Russia, either from your country (recommended option) or when you get there. In this article we tell you which data SIM card to buy to have internet in Russia with its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s get started! WHY BUY A DATA SIM CARD FOR RUSSIA? Roaming in...

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