Internet in Japan: The best options for tourists

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If you are planning your trip to Japan and don’t want to be disconnected from the Internet, either because you are afraid of getting lost in these cities with an unknown language, to communicate with your friends, family or simply want to share your travel adventures through social networks; read on.

Here we will tell you the alternatives you have to connect to the Internet in Japan and choose the one that best suits your budget and needs.


Despite the influence of Chinese culture in this country, its restrictions are totally different. There is no censorship to access content on the internet and the user is allowed to choose between what they want to censor and what they want to visit on the web.

With this clarification, let’s see the options you have to be connected to the Internet on your trip to Japan and to use mobile applications for transportation, food, weather, train routes, etc. In short, to make your life easier!


This is the most convenient option if you do not want to have any affiliations or surprises on your country operator’s bill.

Being independent of the operator gives you peace of mind on your journey and if you purchase an unlimited data SIM for Japan, you can always be connected without worrying about getting stuck in the corners you visit in this wonderful country.

sim card-japan-holafly
Holafly data SIM card for Japan

A data SIM card can be purchased in your country and Japan. For convenience and security, we recommend that you carry it with you so that you can insert it into your mobile phone when you arrive at your destination and stay connected from the moment you land.


It was an option that caused many headaches for travelers when there were no data cards or WiFi pockets. It is an alternative in case of emergency and you have no choice, as the prices to be paid per Megabyte are exaggerated.

Next we will show you the rates handled by the Spain operators when roaming in Japan.

Spain operatorPrice
Movistar12,10 € / MB
Orange Basic Rate12,10 € / MB
Orange Everywhere7 € / día (100 MB)
Vodafone6,05 € / MB
Vodafone World Trip15 € / day(2 GB)
Roaming of Spain operators in Japan.


Despite its launch in 2016, eSIM has been slow to expand in the market. Currently in Spain it is present in most operators to replace the physical SIM.

The data eSIM is available by virtual operators that operate around the world and offer a much more convenient rate than roaming and higher in comparison to a physical data card.

It stands out for its ease of application. This is due to the elimination of the need for a physical support to acquire it. The operators usually send it by email using a QR code or an activation code, which allows the download of the settings to be able to browse the internet.

eSIM Japan. Source:


It’s a device that works just like your home router. It emits a Wi-Fi signal with an Internet connection, so that those mobiles that are connected can browse.

This way, you can purchase it by rental; the company will send it directly to your hotel or allow you to pick it up at the airport after landing.

Pocket Wifi. Source:


This alternative is recommended only for emergency situations or if you want to save your data. You should not enter passwords or bank details when browsing this type of network, as it can steal your information through social engineering.

These WiFi points are usually present in train stops, cafeterias and public areas, where they usually availables as an added value to the service of the establishment.

There are several applications that help you find free WiFi networks. Here are some that you can install on your mobile. They will make your life easier when searching for WiFi hotspots in Japan.

FeaturesNavitimeWi2 ConnectJapan Connect-free Wifi
Registration requiredYESBefore the tripYES
Other functionsYESHotelsYES
Wi-Fi Zone+200.000+92.000
Comparison of applications to find WiFi hotspots in Japan

In short; applications are not usually intended only to allow you to search the Internet for Japan via WiFi points. Therefore, they are a tool designed for travelers with the intention of being a travel guide; as they usually offer information about restaurants, tourist sites and with the support of mobile GPS to help locate the traveler within the country.

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