What to do in Tokio: 10 amazing activities

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Have you decided to travel to Tokyo? If so, you are in the right place, here you will find recommended activities to do in Tokyo and that your trip is full of experiences. We hope you like it and want to return because you will enjoy this special destination.

Let’s get started!


This is a place with a lot to show, here you will find from beautiful temples of traditional culture to the modernity that characterizes the country; a well-known gastronomy, nature, great variety of technological stores, the world for otaku lovers, fashion and more. We hope you have an unforgettable trip!


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building – Source: pixabay.com

There is much to see in Tokyo, although, without a doubt, its buildings are among the impossible to ignore and surprise; not only because of their heights, but also because of their beauty. If it is among your plans and budget, you can take advantage and climb one of them and see the architectural panorama of the city while enjoying its cuisine.

You can also take advantage and visit the number one building of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, its entrance is free and you can see the city from there. We recommend you to go in autumn, during the day you can get to see as far as Mount Fuji. You will also find a shop where you can buy souvenirs.


Shinjuku special district of Tokyo: – Source: pixabay.com

Shopping is not left behind in our article, that’s why we’ll tell you about the three main places to go shopping. When travelling it is very possible to think about shopping, whether it is for clothes, handicrafts, souvenirs or whatever you like. In this country, for example; it is very common to want to buy action figures of the souls that accompanied your life.

  • Shinjuku: This place is very well known in Tokyo for different reasons, you can find a lot of shops and many with duty free prices.
  • Shibuya: Famous among young people, it is known as the fashion capital of Japan. So you know where to find the best known trends in the country and the world in terms of clothing, with a variety of shops of all types. Get ready to see an endless number of shop windows.
  • Akihabara: This is the right place if you like technology, crafts, anime, kawai items, and many other options.


Sushi – Source: pixabay.com

When we travel to Tokyo we can not fail to taste its cuisine “washoku”, is certainly exquisite. In Tokyo you will find a great variety of restaurants for all tastes. The Japanese cuisine includes a bit of everything, sweets, desserts, imported dishes that have been modified, traditional recipes … do not miss the opportunity to be surprised with the delicacies prepared in this oriental country, you can fall in love and want to return.

Among the food that you will be able to taste in Tokyo you can find

  • The famous Western dishes in their Japanese adaptation “yoshoku“, something that will certainly catch your attention when you see that despite being a little different it will be delicious.
  • Go to a “yakiniku” or “wagyu” (Japanese beef) grilled meat restaurant.
  • The street food will surprise you because it will certainly be very different from what you eat every day.

Don’t miss out on the many delicious preparations you can try; whether you prefer meat, fish, seafood or vegetables (maybe all together). Without a doubt you will find in this gastronomy declared intangible historical heritage something that you will love.


Going out for a drink and enjoying the nightlife is very common in this city. You will not regret going out and discovering the city full of neon colors. In Tokyo there are spectacular backgrounds to capture memories and with great lighting; you will see so much color that for photography lovers it will be paradise (you will want to take lots of pictures).

Don’t forget to bring your cell phone or camera and a good portable battery (power bank), it will be very useful in those moments.

Some of the activities you will find are:

  • Rumba
  • Evening excursions.
  • Markets.
  • Terraces with views of the city.
  • Visits to museums.
  • Restaurants.
Shinjuku Tokyo Neon- Source: pixabay.com


Outdoor activities are comforting, we understand that the city can be stressful, for that reason; you will need a different and quieter activity, away from the noise of the city.

Prepare the most comfortable clothes you have, food, swimwear and discover the natural face of Tokyo while enjoying a picnic and the scenery. You will be renewing and relaxing; so when packing your bags and depending on the season remember to pack fresh clothes. By the way, if you have wanted to swim with dolphins and you haven’t been able to yet; you can do it in Tokyo too.

An example of what you can do surrounded by nature is:

  • Visiting its parks: Shinjuku gyoen national park can be enjoyed if the plan is to enjoy the biodiversity, the entrance fee is approximately 4.50 euros.
  • Visit its beaches: You can visit Tamari beach, walk around its surroundings, each place has its own magic, there are different beaches in Tokyo that you can enjoy.
  • Visit its beautiful gardens: Koishikawa Korakuen, you find it in the center of Tokyo and has a mixture of China and Japan; the cherry trees are very famous in the country and its landscape is beautiful, prepare your camera to capture the special of this place.
  • Hiking: Mount Oyama, after climbing its 851 meters you can enjoy a beautiful landscape.
Shinjuku Gyoen Park – Source: Pixabay.com


Japanese traditions are extraordinary; so we recommend you to go and learn more about the history, customs and traditions of Japan. You can also find craft shops in the surrounding area, try out desserts and have a good time. Some of the buildings, although restored, have a lot of history to tell; life is leaving a lot to be desired and these places have gone through a lot.

These are some of the temples you can see:

  • Senso-ji: This is the oldest and most visited Buddhist temple in Tokyo, and on the way you will pass a shopping street where you can find sweets and handicrafts.
  • Tsukiji Hongwan-ji: This is definitely a special shrine, and you will be able to see the architecture as soon as you see it. It’s different from other shrines in that it’s not completely designed according to Japan’s famous temple architecture.
  • Zoshigaya Kishimojindo: Visit this temple if you want to ask the goddess of childbirth for healthy children and a good upbringing. We recommend you to visit it in October and enjoy the festival that is lived that month.
  • Jindaiji: If you feel that you have bad luck or want to find a partner, this is the temple for it. Besides that, you can see a bit more of Japan’s feudal history while enjoying nature.
  • Ookunitama-jinja: This is one of the oldest shrines in Tokyo. If you decide to visit it, we recommend you go there in spring and autumn because they celebrate beautiful festivals, and it is also a well-known place in the new year.
Senso-ji Temple. Source: Pixabay.com


If you like anime and video games, you’ll surprise with everything you can see and do in Tokyo. This city is a focus of production of everything related to the world of animation; so in Tokyo you will find different activities and very entertaining. Not only specialty shops of manga and anime you will find; there are also themed karaoke, cafes with creative menus inspired by games and anime, cosplayers and more. There is a lot to see about this culture in the city, however; you will be able to discover it while walking around the streets as you will find allusive attractions in many places.

Cosplay Otaku – Source: Unsplash.com


Kabuki Theatre
Kabukiza – Source: Pixabay.com

Have you ever wondered how faces with pale makeup appear in oriental films and why this is so? You’ve had a great time! The time has come to discover it, in Tokyo you will find a variety of theaters but without a doubt with its special touch.

Let’s get started!

  • Kabuki-Za: This theatre is one of the best known in Japan. If you pass by Ginza to see its luxurious fashion shops, don’t miss the opportunity to see one of its Kabuki theatre performances which was declared an intangible heritage of humanity.
  • Tokyo Takarazuka Theater: In this theater you will find performances by only women including male roles; this theater belongs to a very important theater company in Japan.
  • Imperial Theater: In this theater you will see western type performances, you can see ballet; opera and other types of presentations. You’ll surprise by the architecture of the place and the modernity of its stage. In the building you will also find the Idemitsu art museum.


Samurai-Japanese Helmet
Japanese Samurai Helmet – Source: pixabay.com

Visiting museums is an activity that many people like nowadays, with it they know the history of the country; continent or the world, don’t stay without visiting the museums that Tokyo has to show you!

  • Tokyo National Museum: This is the oldest museum in Japan and you can find many samples of the history.
  • The Samurai Museum: I imagine you have seen or heard about these legendary Asian warriors. In this museum you can see and try on samurai costumes (men) or kimonos (women) and other activities.
  • Mori Art Museum: This is a museum with many colors and lights in addition to offering very original presentations.

We recommend you to visit the Ueno Park, there you will find several museums including the National Museum of Tokyo. You will love to see everything it has to offer and enjoy the cherry trees, we recommend you to go between late March and early April.


Festival Tokyo
Festival – Fountain: Unsplash.com

If you decide to travel to Tokyo take advantage and enjoy some festivals and enjoy the local culture; will be something that no doubt you will remember, you can enjoy them at different times of the year. Don’t miss any, you will have a great time if you choose one according to your interests.

  • Tokyo Ramen show: This festival occurs between late October and mid-November, you can enjoy a variety of ramen dishes; not all are equal, you can find variations depending on the region.
  • Fukuro Matsuri or Ikebukuro Festival: You can see dances, parades and other regional artistic presentations; you can enjoy from mid to end of their cultural presentations.
  • Koenji Awa-odori Dance: It’s a festival that takes place every year and is currently in its 64th year; full of dance, music and much enthusiasm in the month of August (days 22 and 23)
  • Shinjuku Eisa Festival: This is another cultural festival full of dance and music that you can enjoy in Tokyo. So if you plan other activities in Shinjuku for the end of July you can participate as a spectator.
  • Torikoe Festival: This festival held in June is another one of the many festivals you can participate in if you travel to Tokyo. If you decide to go, we recommend you to visit one of the heaviest portable shrines in Tokyo.

You can see in Tokyo many more festivals in each month of the year you will see more than one festival, we invite you to enjoy these and many more activities that Tokyo has to offer.

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