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If you are planning your trip to Morocco you will have heard about the riads, the traditional Moroccan accommodation or the tents where you would spend the night if you opt for the desert tour.

If you want to choose well where to sleep in Morocco and enjoy the Maghreb country as a traveler do not worry: in this article we tell you the best options to stay in Morocco.

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  • Price: 60 euros – 70 euros

It is one of the most expensive accommodation alternatives for Morocco, but if you are not looking for something different and consider the best amenities or an experience you already know, the hotel option is for you. However, some riads have the comforts of a hotel, such as free WiFi or breakfast included.

What might make a difference is that in a hotel you might have the option of international food, but to be honest Moroccan food is a delight and the experience of staying in a riad is unparalleled.


  • Price: 50 to 60 euros

You will also find the hostels of Morocco everywhere, and if you want to save some euros or you know that in your accommodation you will only go to sleep and you only care about a comfortable bed, you can choose a hostel.

Mind you, a riad can be more economical. Some accommodations offer free breakfast and free WiFi, but it all depends on the package you buy or the agreement you make.

Riyadh. Source:


  • Price: 40 euros to 50 euros

From the Arabic word meaning “garden”, a riad is a type of accommodation characteristic of Morocco, and other Arab countries, which consists of a garden shared by the surrounding rooms. The client is treated closely and has fewer rooms than a classic hotel.

Riads are inexpensive and the preferred option for travelers to stay in Morocco.


  • Price: 20 euros- 30 euros

These tents, made from camel or goat hair, are mounted on masts and stretched with ropes. It is the ideal home for desert nomads, but also for travelers who want to live the full experience in the Sahara desert.

If you have already ridden a camel, travelled through the dunes, even driven a quad, you can end your day resting in a tent while watching the sunset in the middle of the desert.

Walk through the Fuente desert:


  • Booking: This search engine will allow you to contact the accommodation and agree on a rate, which usually does not include VAT. Depending on the costs, scores, stars, distance from the city centre, you will be able to prioritise your options.
  • Tripadvisor: This other search engine allows you to review the opinions (see written ratings and reviews) of other users who have already experienced staying in the options you are looking for. Its search engine encompasses many other portals, and it sorts all the options with criteria similar to Booking.
  • Airbnb: Here you can find more expensive options, this because this company shows you companies or independent people renting their rooms, houses, cabins or apartments.
Tents in the desert. Source:


  • Marrakech

The travelers usually choose the riads, some of which are located in the Medina (area of the walled city). Is very close to the main attractions of the city, such as the Plaza de Jamma.

The free WiFi service and traditional breakfast are usually very good in the riads. The views are also wonderful, depending on where the terrace is located. You will be able to appreciate the Atlas Mountains (mountain range that extends all over Northwest Africa).

Since this city is located in an area strategically close to several tourist points, it will be easier for you to hire a tour and save time on the trip. For example, to the desert of Zagora or Merzouga.

  • Casablanca

In Casablanca you might consider a hotel as a preference. The amenities are perfect, depending on how many stars your accommodation has. Additional services, such as Wi-Fi, are excellent.

  • Rabat

The capital of Morocco is a charming city, and some accommodations stand out for their exquisite decoration. If you consider a good area to stay, always stay in the Medinas. In addition to the experience in this city, the Medina is only 5 minutes from the sea; so your tour of the city can include an afternoon at the beach, closing the day with a beautiful sunset.

  • Fez

There are all kinds of riads, if you consider this alternative always; some may cost you much less and others are more aimed at a family audience.

  • Tánger

This city stands out because it allows you to enjoy the waters of the Atlantic as well as the Mediterranean. You can consider staying within the Medina (you will be closer to everything, tourist spots, markets, establishments) or in the Nouvelle Ville (“New City”).

  • Chefchaouen

Keep in mind that the climate here is a bit chaotic. Some lodgings do not offer heating on such cold nights as in winter or autumn; so if you travel on such dates, or bring a special sleeping bag, you will warm up a lot or spend a little more for a place that offers you heating.


  • Marrakech: Near the Jamaa El Fna Square, or the Kasbah (fortress); where there are tourist attractions such as the Saadian tombs or the El Badi Palace. In Hivernage, located on the outskirts of the old city, in the western area; or Agdal, where you will find options of the best discos and nightlife places.
  • Fez: In its medina, where you will experience the traditional city or in the Nouvelle Ville (New Town).
  • Casablanca: In the centre, in the Old Medina – the oldest part of the city -, for its captivating labyrinthine structure and the large number of small shops where you can buy local products. To the west, in front of the coast, in the neighbourhoods of Anfa and Ain Diab.
  • Tangier: Within its medina, the old area, this because you will be less than a kilometer from the center and almost the same distance from the sea.
  • Meknes: Also has a Ville Nouvelle, new city, we recommend you to stay near the station, so you will have more facilities to take the train very early and take advantage of your day to know new places.

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