What to bring in your suitcase to Morocco

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If you travel to Morocco when you organize your trip you will wonder what you should take in your suitcase so that you don’t miss anything. In this post we will indicate you 12 essential things that you should take to Morocco and some travel tips.

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Bring your passport, ID card, driver’s license (if you want to drive) blood type or allergies. Is one of the things you should never forget to bring in your suitcase: group them in an envelope and place them in a visible place in your suitcase.

If you don’t want to lose these documents you can leave them at the hotel and carry a photocopy with you, in case you need them.


If you wear skirts or shorts for women or shoulder shirts for men, you may find it a little difficult to enter certain monuments. On the other hand, you may want to avoid showing off too much skin in the hot sun; so cover up enough to keep out the heat and use a high level of sunscreen on exposed skin, such as your face and arms.


Whether they are boots or special shoes, which are ideal for hiking (if used better). We emphasize the feature that they are used because if you use a new one, it may cause you some discomfort; and this is what you need less.

Merzouga desert. Source: Unsplash.com.


Data SIM card for Morocco

A good alternative to have Internet in Morocco, where you do not know how much it will cost you to hire roaming or a portable router. Ensuring a good connection at a very affordable price is one of the concerns you have to cover before you land in Morocco. Your access to social networks, map searches, recommendations to go to an establishment, and more, will be covered with a data SIM card.


Don’t get too confident, if you thought that just covering yourself with long clothes to protect you from the sun was enough, it’s not. You must use these two products to ensure that you do not have a bad experience in Morocco. On the one hand, sunscreen to avoid sunburn, and on the other, mosquito repellent, which never hurts those who feel like a mosquito magnet.


There are many traveler’s credit card options, and while it is true that you will not use much in Morocco; because a percentage of your budget must be held and used in cash. Having a card in Morocco can be useful in case of emergency, in case you lose your cash.

Some banks such as Bnext or N26 do not charge you a commission for using their cards in Morocco to pay in euros or other currencies, as well as for the exchange of money you have.


It is always ideal to carry a first aid kit in your suitcase to Morocco to help you with minor pains, wounds, headaches, etc. Here you should put the two creams that we indicated before, sunscreen and repellent, as well as some pills for general discomfort, anti-inflammatory (Ibuprofen), stomach pains (Fortasec flash to counteract illnesses such as diarrhea or Primperan to control vomiting) and antihistamines.


Don’t worry about power adapters, the voltage is similar and the plug types are similar to your country. But it never hurts to have one or two in your suitcase in case the device you have uses a different plug than the one in the hotel outlet.


This is important if you plan to get to know the desert in depth. Even with a guide or the assurance that you are on the right track; it never hurts to have a kit that includes a small GPS device, a topographic map and a compass. This kit can include your mobile phone, an external charger and a portable mirror to reflect its signal in case the place you are in does not have good coverage.


This will also be part of your complements to your desert excursion. Carrying a tent in your suitcase to Morocco can be difficult when you are looking to save weight on your luggage, but a sleeping bag is fine. The rest you could rent, but it’s hard to trust the cleanliness of a sleeping bag that is not yours.


If you’re hiking in the desert or touring and know you won’t have access to a power outlet, you can make sure to charge your phone with an external battery. Your battery consumption depends not only on the time you use it; but also on the actions you take, take pictures, enter chat or search for something in Google. Our advice is to invest your money in a good charger, which allows you to give at least two charges to your mobile.


This will help you separate and isolate the clothes you have already worn and possibly dirty the new ones while you pack them in your suitcase on your arrival. If you plan to stay for a few days and don’t want to spend money on a laundry, put your dirty clothes in the bag and load everything without care.


Organize your suitcase for the trip to Morocco. source: pyxabay.com
  • It ensures the weight and dimensions of the suitcase. Some airlines, for hand luggage, allow you to carry a maximum weight of 8 to 10 kg; while their measures must be between 55cm x 40cm and 20cm. So get a weigher or scale and a tape measure to ensure the ideal weight and dimensions. Avoid paying extra or having your suitcase sent to the warehouse.
  • Don’t fold your clothes, roll them up. This will help you a lot to save space in your suitcase. However, this does not help you to lighten the weight, only to include more things in your suitcase.
  • Create outfits. It will help you a lot to wear what you need and to have defined what you will wear every day, add a couple of additional clothes in case something unexpected comes up.
  • Take advantage of the space. Make use of the space in your shoes to store the smallest clothes.

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