How to have Internet in Morocco

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If you’re traveling to Morocco and want to stay connected to the Internet to share your trip on Instagram, keep in touch with your loved ones on WhatsApp, or use Google Maps to get to that landmark they recommended, here are your options.

I’m telling you that the best alternative is to buy a SIM card for Morocco, both because it is much cheaper than paying roaming and because it is so easy to use.

But let’s look at all the options, let’s get started!


1. Roaming

This is the service that companies like Movistar, Vodafone and more offer you to connect to the Internet, make calls or send SMS in Morocco. Using your operator’s roaming in Morocco is very expensive, they can charge you for one MB of consumption from six to 10 or 12 euros – an outrage!


  • It’s easy to activate. In some cases you don’t even have to, there are contracts that stipulate that roaming is automatically activated as soon as you arrive in the destination country.


  • Very expensive. The most expensive option, roaming usually charges you per MB consumed a price that can be around 6 to 18 euros.
  • It offers you little data. If you do the calculations, of the maximum consumption in MB, it is almost impossible for you to spend 50 to 60 MB in a week or even a day trip. This is when you consider that you spend one MB every minute on the Internet.


Data SIM card for Morocco

Buy a SIM card for Morocco from your country. You order it online, it is sent to your home free of charge, you carry it in your luggage and as soon as the plane lands you put it in your mobile phone and you have internet from the first moment. Forget about having to look for a place to buy a card and forget about the expensive roaming bills that are an unpleasant surprise when you get back.

Roaming is very, very expensive (not to mention a scam). Cards like Holafly are very cheap and practical to use.

You find options from:

  • 29 euros for 7 days with 2GB
  • 38 euros for 10 days 3GB
  • 42 euros for 30 days 5 GB

Besides, for being a Travelistos reader, buying here you get a 5% discount.


  • The Holafly card comes with a local phone number so you can receive and make calls within Morocco.
  • You can use your card throughout your trip without having to worry about recharging.
  • It allows you to keep your WhatsApp number so you can stay in touch without having to change your number.
  • You can share data with other devices such as computers, tables or mobile phones.
  • You always have chat and service support.
  • It is a disposable card. When you arrive from your trip you just throw it away.


  • It is usually a little more expensive than buying it at destination (Morocco).
  • They can be lost, being the SIM card a small card, it is possible that you can lose it if you remove it from the device, call it cellular or tablet. But most likely once installed you will not remove it from your device until you arrive from your trip 😉

For more information on what you save with the Holafly vs Roaming card read our article: Which data SIM card to buy for Morocco here we tell you all the details.



You may also know this option, and that is because it is everywhere; in your home country, in Morocco, in China, everywhere. There’s not much else to indicate about free WiFi in Morocco, just be careful about accessing your bank accounts, sending money, or making transactions that expose sensitive personal information. We’ll give you more reasons below.


  • It’s free. One of its main advantages is that it is the only option that will not charge you a single euro to connect to the Internet.
  • You will find it everywhere. From a cafe, a hotspot in Morocco -in a square-, a library and even at the airport you will find free Internet. Just be careful when accessing your sensitive information.


  • It’s unsafe and you can get hacked. Being an open network for the general public, it is possible that one of them may seek to steal sensitive and private information.
  • Some ask you to buy a product. Before they give you the password, because some free Internet network outlets have them; but they will ask you to buy a coffee, a snack or a bottle of water first.

4. MiFi/Pocket WiFi


This may be a new term for you. As it sounds, it serves a similar function to WiFi, the MiFi is also a Wifi point that connects you through a device, the two main differences are that:

1). It is contracted and can cost you from 6 to 12 euros per day for the rental of the device + internet service.

2). Safe, personal and portable, the device is easy to carry in your backpack, purse or kangaroo, so you can walk, tour or go to the beach without complications. There are some cons that we will indicate in the following lines.


  • Connects multiple devices to the Internet. SIM cards do it too, but some MiFis connect you to more. Be careful not to connect too many devices, just the ones you are using.
  • It’s not that expensive. Less than roaming – but more than the SIM card, a computer bought from MiFi can cost you 100-200 euros, but it’s for life.


  • Various rates. One of the main problems with the MiFi is the amount of fees you might pay, especially if you rent the equipment. You will have to pay everything from daily equipment rental, SIM card, daily Internet service and even possible penalties.
  • Cumbersome procedure. If you rent it, you must pick it up and take care of the packaging (envelope) with which you will return it. Some companies will even ask you to send it to the post office.
  • All together. If you want to connect several devices you will have to go all together always. It is not advisable because you will always be dependent on one device and your connection will be slow.


Without a doubt, a SIM card for Morocco, which costs you less than a Pocket WiFi, MiFi, and much less than roaming. While one imposes several fees, the other charges you a fortune for a few MB. An ideal alternative should not cost you so much and should offer you all the benefits that really matter: Security, speed, and privacy.


  • How to call from Morocco to abroad: if you are in Morocco and want to call abroad you must dial in the following order: 00 + the country code + phone number.
  • How to call Morocco from abroad: from abroad to Morocco: 00 + the code of Morocco (212) + Moroccan regional code without the 0 + the phone number.

Here are the area codes of the regions of Morocco:

  • Casablanca (22)
  • Fes (55)
  • Lâayoune (48)
  • Marrakech (44)
  • Méknès (55)
  • Oujda (56)
  • Rabat (37)
  • Settat (23)
  • Tanger (Tangiers)-Tétouan (39)

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