Internet in Turkey: The best options for tourists

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If you’re traveling to Turkey and want to stay connected to the Internet to share your trip on Instagram, keep in touch with your loved ones on WhatsApp or use Google Maps to get to that landmark they recommended, here are your options for having Internet in Turkey.

The best alternative to have internet in Turkey is to buy a SIM card for Turkey, both because it is much cheaper than paying roaming and because it is so easy to use.

But let’s look at all the options, let’s get started!



A SIM card serves the same function as your phone now, connecting you to the Internet, specifically connecting your device, mobile or tablet, to the network of networks. Only some companies offer you a complete connection service, such as roaming, Internet, calls and data, while others offer you only data, the so-called data-packs.

  • Advantage: it is economical, much cheaper than roaming and Mi-Fi, the former can cost you more than 10 euros for a single minute of Internet connection in Turkey, while the latter, can cost you up to 200 euros if we include purchase of the device, deposits and more.
  • Disadvantage: some companies set up connection days for you and they are not like Mi-Fis or roaming, which charge you per day of Internet access.


Let’s see 3 options to buy the SIM card for Turkey and choose the option that suits you best: physical SIM card bought in your country, Virtual SIM card that you can buy from anywhere in the world and the SIM card in destination you buy it when you arrive in Turkey.


Buy the SIM card from the comfort of your home or office.

This company offers you the option to buy your SIM card for Turkey in your country and its great advantage is that you will have internet immediately landing your plane. It has both options: Physical SIM card and Virtual SIM card ( eSIM ).


Data SIM card for Turkey – Holafly

It is similar to the one you have installed right now on your mobile and comes in different formats:

  • Normal (old)
  • Micro SIM
  • Nano SIM

In this presentation Holafly offers you a card especially for Turkey with unlimited data for 30 days at 4G speed that operates with the network of Turk Telecom. It also offers you personalized attention 24 hours a day and free shipping.

  • 30 days with 4GB + 2GB of unlimited data for 35.15 euros (with Travelistos discount)
  • You keep your WhatsApp number: don’t lose contact with family and friends, with this SIM you keep your number on WhatsApp to call and write to all your contacts.
  • Unlimited Data: this SIM includes unlimited data in Turkey, has 4GB of data to view 4G and 2G unlimited with 128kpbs speed and with the coverage of Türk Telecom.
  • Share data with your friends: share data as if it were a Pocket Wifi without having to carry another device. Use your mobile to generate a Wifi network and connect more devices.
  • Free Shipping: choose free shipping and receive it within 2 working days, Express shipping for 48 hours or Express shipping if you need it the next day before 4pm. That’s fast.
  • 24 hour help: this SIM is very easy to use, but if you have any questions, Holafly helps you by all possible means: email and chat 24 hours a day.
  • You only have one card plan which is for 30 days. You cannot get a plan for less than 30 days. However, it’s worth it because it’s very affordable.

Buy Physical SIM Card for Turkey

To get these prices you need the Travelistos discount coupon, which is 5%. If you enter through the link the discount is automatically applied during the purchase.


eSIM for Turkey – Holafly

eSIMs are virtual cards that are placed in the hardware (a specific chip) of your mobile or any other device, so you do not have to place any card in any slot. Its name comes from the term “embedded SIM”, eSim, which means integrated SIM card.

If you have some of these devices, you may be interested in purchasing an eSIM:

  • iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone Xr
  • Google Pixel 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Huawei P40.

This virtual card provides you with the same services as a normal physical data SIM card but with the difference that you don’t have to wait for it to arrive at your home. You will have it immediately in your email (in QR code). To activate the card you only have to scan the QR code and you will have it activated, that easy.

Holafly has 2 packs of eSim cards for Turkey:

  • 30 days 3GB for 32.30 euros (with Travelistos discount)
  • 30 days 5GB for 46.55 euros (with discount)
  • Share data with others. Share data like a WIFI Pocket PC without having to carry another device. Use your mobile phone to generate a WIFI network and connect more devices.
  • Keep your Whatsapp number. Write and call all your contacts with Whatsapp as if you were in your country. Stay in touch with your family and friends.
  • Keep your line. Because it’s a digital eSIM, you can leave your eSIM line on for data and keep your regular line in parallel in case you need it.
  • Immediate sending. No matter if you don’t have time or you have already arrived at your destination, with this eSIM for Turkey you can set up a data plan right away. Never again worry about whether your SIM will arrive on time.
  • 24 hour help. This eSIM is very easy to use, but if you have any questions Holafly helps you by email and 24 hour chat support.
  • At the moment the use of an eSIM is limited as it is only possible for the following mobile phone models: iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr, Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S20.

Buy eSIM Card for Turkey

To get these prices you need the Travelistos discount coupon, which is 5%. If you enter through the link the discount is automatically applied during the purchase.


If you want to save some euros at the cost of having to look for the SIM on your arrival, you may be interested in finding a shop or a stall that sells them in Turkey.

This is the option of a lifetime. It has the disadvantage that you have to spend time of your trip looking for a local SIM card and you won’t have internet when you land.

You can get them from the following operators in Turkey:

  • Turkcell
  • Turkey SIM Card



It is a Wi-Fi point that does not have a password for access, and if it does, it can be provided to you upon request. It is very common in restaurants, cafes, accommodations and shopping centers, which are used as benefits for the user to frequent the place, buy a snack, coffee or even a bottle of water in order to get the desired key. This is a very valid option to have internet in your trip to Turkey but keep in mind that you will only be connected for the time you are in the establishment.

  • Advantage: it has no cost, well, the price that can cost you a coffee, a bottle of water or some candy, in the end it is not a loss because you buy it you will eat it.
  • Disadvantage: you must take into account that many users can hang from this network to access the Internet and it is very safe that your information can be violated by an unscrupulous and seek to steal it.


  • Wiman: it is a free Wifi points search engine, and has 179 thousand points in its register.
  • Establishments: like cafes, restaurants, offices, buses, trains, ferries and, of course, airports.
  • Instabridge: this other search engine will allow you to know the location of the point (in map and described), which establishment has it and additional information if you download its app.


MI-FI for Turkey

It is a device that, just like a modem, offers you an Internet connection via a Wi-Fi dedicated to you, i.e. private, secure and quality. Very different from Wi-Fi free. A Mi-Fi would be like the previous alternative but only for you. Most Mi-Fis work with a built-in SIM card, and the devices, in conclusion, have the same function as your mobile phone.

  • Advantage: offers you quality internet in Turkey.
  • Disadvantage: the price is high, not like roaming, but much more than a SIM card and you have to carry an extra device. Some companies charge you various fees, from the rental or purchase of the device, to the Internet service and a deposit, in case you lose, break down or get your lucky device stolen.


  • Rent Connect: this company offers you three options to return your product, via airport, hotel or accommodation.
  • My Web Spot: it has a five-hour battery and has unlimited data in Turkey.
  • Travel Wi-Fi: free shipping on this company only applies to France, the United States and the United Kingdom.


  • It is a service offered by a mobile operator, which you now surely have, to connect to the Internet, send SMS or make calls abroad. Unlike the previous options, this proposal covers more than the Internet. This service is usually activated automatically, but other operators prefer the user to activate it.
  • Advantage: it is easy to activate and use.
  • Disadvantage: it has a very high price. Each MB of data can cost you from 6 to 12 euros, and if you consume one MB per minute on the Internet, with roaming you will have to pay up to 12 euros for each minute you surf.



The best one is the one that at a price offers you the benefits you need: quality, speed, security, privacy, good cost and more, and all this is offered by data SIM cards.

We always choose Holafly’s data SIM cards for our trips, because as we mentioned above; these cards will connect you at an excellent 4G speed, with a very good amount of data and with the support of the Turk Telekom network. Keep in mind that you will be able to share your data; keep your WhatsApp number, and receive it for free at home, among other benefits.


  • Be sure to disable your roaming when you arrive in Turkey if you are not going to use it. Some companies offer plans where this service is activated automatically.
  • Take advantage of Wi-Fi free for emergencies, if your data SIM or Pocket Wi-Fi breaks down and you have an emergency; but avoid doing operations where you expose sensitive information.
  • If you are going to buy a data SIM, do not do it in the airports, better buy it before, you save and money and you can choose the package of your preference.

Learn more travel tips to Turkey on what to do in Turkey, documentation and requirements, currency exchange, travel insurance, among others.

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