What to pack for your trip to Turkey

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If you travel to Turkey when you organize your trip you will wonder what you should take in your suitcase for your trip to Turkey and not miss anything. In this post we will indicate 10 indispensable things that you must take in the suitcase for your trip to Turkey and some advices of traveler.

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Take a look at your suitcase and check if you are carrying these 10 things that we consider cannot be missing from your suitcase for your trip to Turkey.


Take comfortable shoes in your suitcase to Turkey, if possible. This is because it is very safe for you to walk, and very safe when you arrive at your destination. This is the best way to get to know every city in Turkey, taking a walk that can take hours. You don’t need to wear many clothes, just one or two. Try not to walk on muddy ground or to get your shoes dirty with something that is not easy to remove, such as dirt or sand.


It is advisable to carry in your suitcase for Turkey all your documents, ID, passport, visa, airplane reservations or accommodation, among others, you must have them grouped in an envelope. We recommend that you make copies and that you have some of these papers in digital format in your cloud, a USB key or your email.

It will always be good to have this documentation distributed in different places, in case you lose a set of these copies.


Like all travelisto you must think of everything and the internet is no less important as it will be of great help to perform Google queries, search for an address on the Maps and even to register your best photos and videos on your social networks. Remember that a travelisto takes advantage of the benefits of the Internet to improve their experience in their destination. So don’t forget to pack a SIM card in your suitcase for Turkey, it will make your life much easier 😉

An excellent alternative is data SIM cards, companies like Holafly offer you several additional benefits, including free shipping, 24 hour service, data sharing or unlimited data.


Wear a clean pair of socks when you go to the mosques. Fountain: Pexels.com.

The first, because you will walk barefoot in the mosques, and the second, to cover your head (if you are a woman). It would be embarrassing to wear old or torn socks if you walk in the mosques. Also, it’s not nice for women to enter mosques with their heads uncovered, so you’ll have to cover your head with a scarf, and it’s better to take yours to borrow or give away someone else’s at the entrance.


You can have these on or off, depending on the weather, which can change and be very chaotic at times. So we recommend that your changes are multi-layered. When it is sunny, keep the cold changes in your suitcase, as it starts to get cold, put them in one by one. If you see that the weather warms up again, all that remains is to take off each layer.


This will free you to soak your clothes or sneakers when a sudden drizzle occurs. Avoid going to the laundry or catching the flu, the best thing is to have an umbrella and a raincoat in your backpack, the former will keep the rain from falling on any part of your body, while the latter will ensure that your clothes do not get wet. Every rain brings with it intense sunshine, so consider this as well.


You should also carry this in your backpack. Once you’re out of the sudden rain, it’s time to face the bright sun that comes with it. For this you should wear sunglasses with UV protection, a hat so that the heat does not blind you and makes your head very hot, and put sunscreen on the areas where you have uncovered, be it your arms, shoulders, legs, among others.


Money from Turkey. Source: Pixabay.com.

It is important to carry cash in your suitcase for Turkey, even if it is a minimum amount. It will help you pay for a taxi, buy a souvenir, some medicine or personal care product that does not have your accommodation, as well as possible tips that you can leave with whoever takes care of you in a restaurant, who knows, maybe when you come back, they will take care of you first.


This only if you travel for a very short period, two days or three days, if you travel for more time, according to the activities you do, you can buy the water in Turkey. Keep in mind that drinking water in Turkey will cost you more than at home. The water is not usually drinkable here, so don’t even think about drinking water directly from the tap. If you are going to drink water in Turkey, make sure it is either bottled or boiled or cured with some tablets.


This can include anything from headache pills to small wounds to any medication you may have to take. Remember that all the medication you take to Turkey has to be registered. If you are a woman, you may want to take pills to help you get through your period, if it happens during your trip, and tampons.

You can pack toiletries, such as shampoo or soap, if these are special and prescribed by a doctor due to an allergy or skin sensitivity. Otherwise, it is better to use the one that gives you accommodation.


It’s customary to tip in Turkey. Source: Pexels.com.
  • What not to wear? Electric adapter, if you are Spanish or European, hair dryer, towels and sheets, all this can be provided by the accommodation.
  • If you are going to Cappadocia, you should certainly bring a change of clothes for the cold and the heat, as the climate can vary by up to 20 degrees.
  • When you go to the mosques, forget about tight clothes, or clothes that form your body, especially if you are a woman. It is best to opt for loose or “demure” clothing.
  • Should I leave tips? Yes, that’s our recommendation. Keep in mind that most Turks do, they usually leave between 10% to 20% of what they have consumed.
  • Remember that all you can take to the cabin in your plane is the hand luggage, with an approximate weight of 8 kg, and the measures 55 x 40 x 23 cm. Also, any small piece that you carry by hand, be it your bag, small briefcase, camera, video, a tablet or a small computer. In the case of the checked bag, or the one that will go to the warehouse, the weight is 20 kg.

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