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If you are planning to travel to China, there are some things you will want to know about in advance. In this post we tell you the main travel tips for China essential to make the most of the visit to the largest Asian country in the world.

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The best time to travel to China is in autumn (October to December) or spring (April to June), where the climate is pleasant, between 20°C to 30°C, and not hellish, as in summer, or cold, as in winter. In any case, the Chinese climate varies according to the climatic region you are in.


It is essential that you put only the most important things in the suitcase, remember that the airlines put a weight limit on you (20 kilos in the checked suitcase and 10 kilos in the hand luggage, approximately) and if you go over, they can charge you extra.

  • Proper dress. According to the season you travel, it will be the changes of clothes you will carry in your suitcase. Ideally, all the clothes you wear should always be comfortable for the long walks you can take.
  • A health insurance. It may sound unnecessary but, believe us, this is one of the best tips for your China trip, not only can it save your life, but you will also save hundreds and thousands of euros in hospital care, which is expensive. Spending a few euros a day on insurance will save you from paying a lot more.
  • Addresses written in Chinese. Another tip for your trip to China is to have written on paper or on your mobile phone the addresses in Chinese, it is important that you always carry it with you so that you can show it to a passer-by in case you need guidance. This will help you to understand when you need help to get to your destination in case you get lost, you can write down the address of your accommodation, your friend’s or the train or bus station that will take you to them.


Yuan, the Chinese money. Source:

To pay in China, ideally, you should pay in their currency, the yuan (1 euro is 7.83 yuan). But, if you go to an accommodation or restaurant in the main cities or high price, you could consider international credit or debit cards.

Another tip for your trip to China is that if you travel to Hong Kong or Macao; you should change your money into the Hong Kong dollar or the pataca, currencies of those autonomous regions.


Since China is such a large country with tourist attractions spread out over considerable distances, we recommend that you stay in different cities. As everywhere, you will find hotels, hostels, low cost accommodation, called “zhusus” and “huntongs”; these have a theme of ancient Chinese house well preserved.


  • Beijing (Beijing): Houhai, Chaoyang Park, Xidan, Wangfujing and Sanlitun
  • Shanghai: Pudong, Nanjing Road, Xuhui and the French Concession.
  • Xi’An: In Beilin, Lianhu, Xincheng and the Xi’An Centre.
  • Macao: In Nape, Taipa, Coloane and Cotai Strip.
  • Hong Kong: Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and Tsim Sha Tsui.


The types of pins used in China: A, C and I. Source:

The voltage is the same as in Spain, 220 V, so don’t worry about getting voltage adapters. You should only worry about the types of plugs, which are usually three-pronged or two-pronged.

To solve this with the plugs of your electronic devices, you only need a plug adapter; which you can buy in supermarkets, online or Chinese markets in Spain.


Chinese Wall Source:

If you are a travelisto who does not want to miss anything, being such a big country; what we will tell you will always be short.

  • Walk the Wall of China: The Wonder of the World. With an extension of 21 thousand kilometers, you can access it from several regions. We recommend you not to do it at the entrance of Beijing, which is always full of tourists.
  • Discover the Mausoleum of the First Emperor: Qin in Xi’An and its thousands of terracotta warriors. You may have heard of this place from the last thing I mentioned, and that is because this tourist attraction has more than eight thousand figures, all different.
  • Taste its ancient cuisine: China is not just preparations with rice, noodles or wantan soups, you can try spicy stews like Mapo doufu, the classic Hun Dun (soup with wantan); some desserts like Nian Gao rice cake, and accompany all this with tea or jiuniang, a rice wine of exquisite taste.
  • Get lost in the Jiuzhaigou Park: The natural reserve with beautiful waterfalls, steps, lakes of different shades; a large forest that changes color in every season, in conclusion, a piece of paradise in China.


Since China is a country with policies and customs that are sometimes very distant and strange to the western tourist; it is good to know how we should behave to avoid possible inconveniences: Write down these travel tips for China

  • Avoid buying ebooks, movies or games: Essentially because you won’t be able to, in China there is a huge filter of audiovisual material from abroad that censors it totally or partially.
  • Don’t gamble: Remember that in China this is illegal, unless you are in Macao, the only place where it is legal.
  • Avoid showing the police or authorities that you have a VPN on your mobile phone: (App for surfing without problem in China due to its Internet blocking), remember that the use of VPN is not illegal but some VPN Apps are.
  • Take a Cautious Walk: When you take a walk in crowded places, do it carefully; avoid having your belongings, documents and money stolen. Pickpockets and scammers can be found at any time.


Trains in China can count on bunk beds for long journeys. Source:
  • It is not bad to haggle: Everyone does it, and it is possible that after haggling you agree on a fair price; because those who offer you accommodation will want to charge you a higher price for being a tourist.
  • If you are going to rent a car: The best thing is that you do it with a driver included, Ehi Car Services companies, include it in their packages. Traffic in China can be very chaotic and unsafe, especially for those who are not very practical in driving.
  • If you want good Internet access in China: You should buy a data SIM card, which offers you most of the benefits of roaming or Wi-Fi free at an affordable price.
  • When buying a train ticket: Always look at the numbers (they may be the only thing you recognize on a piece of paper with several glyphs in Chinese); especially the train number, date and time of departure, and the car, seat and height of the bed.
  • If there is an altercation: robbery, theft or crime, always have the numbers of the Consular Section of your country in the Chinese cities you will go to, if you are Spanish; write down these numbers:
  • Hong Kong: + 852 252 53 041/42
  • Shanghai: + 86-21- 6321 35 43

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